We focus on long-term investments and consciously do not pursue an exit strategy. Our aim is to build partnerships and grow together with the companies. This means that we invest in the companies not only financially but also personally, using our experience and expertise to realize their full potential.

If you are looking for a partner who not only provides financial support, but also contributes actively to the company’s success, you have come to the right place!

Target groups

FMC Industrial focuses on various target groups, each with different requirements and needs.

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Are you thinking about selling your company?

We are seeking business owners who have built up their company over a number of years and are now looking to find a suitable succession solution. We offer a long-term partnership and take a careful approach to the company acquisition.


Corporate carve-outs and divestment of company divisions

When corporations want to sell certain business units, we are interested. We can act quickly if the business unit to be sold matches our investment criteria. FMC Industrial has experience in successfully turning company divisions into independent entities.


Companies in restructuring situations

We work closely with insolvency administrators, crisis consultants, and M&A advisors to support and stabilize companies in crisis situations. We provide financial resources and share our operational management knowledge to successfully restructure companies.


We are looking to expand our portfolio companies

We are actively seeking interesting companies that fit in with our existing portfolio companies. In doing so, we also take into account the location of the companies in order to make sure that we can be successful together.

If you are looking for a partner who not only provides financial support, but also plays an active role in the company’s success, you have come to the right place!


Our wide-ranging expertise at FMC Industrial enables us to actively support the portfolio companies and be there for them with our financial strength and our knowledge. We invest our own money and are not interested in a quick exit. Instead, we endeavor to find long-term development opportunities.

operational excellence

Operational excellence

Our aim is to optimize processes in order to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Including employees in the continuous improvement process is a key principle. Employees are actively involved in identifying and solving problems.



We put a particularly high value on investing in employee development and training. Throughout such measures, 360-degree feedback meetings are held. Employee satisfaction is systematically measured and continuously improved within the portfolio companies. We offer mentoring and development opportunities throughout the FMC Industrial Group.



A strategy defined within the team with a defined execution plan and periodical reviews is crucial for our lasting success. For us, developing a strategy always starts with a detailed analysis of the market attractiveness and competitive strength of the individual portfolio companies.

Thanks to our extensive expertise and long-term focus, we can effectively support our portfolio companies in realizing their full potential and operating successfully in the market.


The standards that guide our decisions

FMC Industrial’s values are deeply rooted in our corporate culture and shape our day-to-day activities. They guide our decisions and influence our relationships with our employees and business partners.

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Integrity and trust

For us, integrity is the number-one principle guiding our actions. It is essential for building trust. This shapes our partnership with customers and suppliers and cooperation within the company and the group of companies.


Partnership and respect

We believe in the importance of partnership and respect in our relationships. We are reliable and respectful partners to our customers, employees, and business partners. We promote a culture of cooperation and open dialogue so that we can achieve success together.

werte unabhaengigkeit


Our independence is at the heart of our identity. It enables us to set our own standards, pursue our own vision, and consistently focus on achieving our goals. We actively use our capital and are passionately committed to the success of our portfolio companies.